"The inception"

Amidst nationwide covid lockdowns, people working from the comfort of their homes, ladies (and even the gentlemen) of the house trying out new and fun recipes almost every day, we conceived the idea of starting our very own Herbs’ Brand - Herbkraft!

“What we do”

At Herbkraft, our main focus remains providing top quality herbs, spices, seasonings, super-foods, and much more to our customers. Every product we deal in comes from A-Grade sources, and passes various levels of testing, so that we can ensure that the best-of-the-best products reach our valuable customers.

“Why Herbs & Seasonings”

Our team at Herbkraft Foods LLP possesses the knowledge and expertise in the trade of herbs and seasonings that goes back generations. So it only seemed natural, to carry forward the legacy, and at the same time, provide something that the modern customer wants. And what better than some exclusive A-grade export quality herbs & seasonings that are sought-after world-over. 

“Redefining Quality & Affordability”

Quality & affordability are two terms that rarely go together. But it was a challenge we took upon ourselves. We studied the market carefully, and saw a huge gap to be bridged, where if the quality of a product was high, then it did not meet the affordability for the common man, and if a product was available at a reasonable price, the quality was being compromised. So to be able to provide our customers with affordable A-grade products that obviously are top-quality, became our brand’s main goal.

We at Herbkraft look forward to serving you!